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A long overdue update.

December 10, 2011

Oh boy….Has it really been three months since I blogged last?  I blame the…eh…eh….the mountain trolls. That’s right. The mountain trolls. *nods* I had not simply forgotten about the blog because of a massive workload at school and general tiredness. No, not at all. *shifty eyes* Why? Who said otherwise?!!

I’m officially on my Christmas vacation now! Almost a month of doing nothing but relax, read good books and have fun!  Well, and freak out because I haven’t started buying any Christmas gifts yet, or cleaned my dormroom properly( Slight neatfreak that I am, this disturbs me more than I’d like to admit)! And I still have work until the 16th, but that’s just fun, really. I mean, I work in a library…surrounded by books all day… That’s not work, that’s heaven.

Exhibit ALL the things!

Like I said, I’ve been busy being creative. I’m taking an art class(thus the studying of art history) and we’ve had a bunch of different assignments, from drawing or working with wood and clay to building sculptures of a sort from plaster. Loads of fun and quite challenging. This wednesday we had our exams, which were part verbal, covering art history and art education (I had to talk about Edvard Munch and Perception), and part practical, where we had to exhibit all the things we’d made throughout the last 4-5 months.

Let me tell you, combining clay and wood is not easy! Nor is carving in raindeer-horn, which is something we did for our assignment in traditional laplandish artwork. Hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears went in to making those engravings, but it was well worth it. I passed my exam with flying colours, and can let my books and paintbrushes rest until after the holidays.

I’m actually quite exited about christmas this year. I’m spending it with my mom and my little brother and sister in Drøbak ( an hour or so by plane away from here). It’s the Christmas city of Norway, and I’ve never been there before. And hopefully I’ll have a nice, normal, non-eventful celebration this year.

The next week or so will probably fly by in a blur of store after store. gift after gift. I actually like it though. there’s something really satisfying about finding that one thing that you just think is perfect for someone. I’ll probably see wrapping paper whenever I close my eyes, or planning gifts in my dreams until I’m done. Speaking of, I probably should get to sleep now. I have to get up early tomorrow if I want to join one of my neighbors when she leaves for work… It’s 1:30 A.M. already! Knowing myself though, I’ll probably spend waaay to long browsing 9Gag or Memebase instead of snoozing though. Hillarious memes, Y U NO let me sleep???

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