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What if?

August 14, 2011

Everyone has their big What If”s. What if you had turned right instead of left while driving? What if you had chosen a different career, or had the courage to go for that seemingly impossible goal?

My What If happened when I was about to turn 12. We moved to Belgium due to my fathers job, and I changed a lot during the three years we spent there. Ever since we moved back, I’ve been wondering what would have happened if we had stayed in Norway.

I probably wouldn’t have been the colaholic I am now. Sodas were cheaper than buying bottled water, and the cleansed water from the tap tasted stale and full of chemicals to someone used to the pure water we have here. Thus we bought a lot of coca cola, and I became hooked.

Maybe I would be a party-girl? I’m certainly not one now, but who knows? Maybe if I had spent my early teen years in Norway, I would love clubbing and drinking.

I might not have been a Tolkien fan. My love for the Lord of the Rings was awakened by my English As A Second Language teacher, and  once again, who knows? Without that, I might not have discovered Middle Earth at all, or Fantasy-literature…Who knows if I even would have liked reading at all? A Luinriel without her books? *shudders* The very thought chills me to the core.

I might never have seen London or Paris, or experienced all the wonderful things there, or traveled as much as I have. That’s the good thing about living such a short distance from a lot of major cities and vacation spots. We drove to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and loads of other places too, and I loved it.

I would most certainly be more prejudiced against different people and cultures than I am now. My school in Belgium was filled with people from all over the world, with beliefs and traditions quite different from my own, and I had nothing but positive experiences with them. In fact, it was the Norwegian community that was the least welcoming and open.

High School might not have been so tough. Transferring schools in the 10th grade ( our last year of middle school) was not exactly great. Everyone already knew everyone else, and there was no room for me. I think all of two people spoke to me my first week at my new school back in Norway. A very nice, warm welcome, huh?

So what are your big What If’s?

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