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It all ends here…The Harry Potter adventure.

July 12, 2011

It all began close to 14 years ago, in 1997. I was twelve, and my father had recently gotten back from the U.S. after a trip there through his job. Back with him he brough a book – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, by a then unknown, new author named J.K. Rowling.  He bought it on a whim, read it on his way home and liked it. Knowing what a book lover I was, he recommended it to me. I was sceptical at first, but gave it a shot.

After a page I was hooked. I loved the characters, the descriptions, the story, the humor and the style the book was written in. I particularly loved Hermione, who was very similar to me: bookish, serious about her schoolwork, with brown, bushy hair and big front teeth..and a bit of a know-it-all, even if I was nowhere near as brilliant as her. I remember hoping I would somehow be able to play her in a movie adaptions one day. I devoured the 300 or so pages in a few days, and hungered for more.  The Chamber of Secrets and Prizoner of Azkaban followed, and each return to Hogwarts was as magical and thrilling as the previous.

When The Goblet of Fire was released, I could not put it down. I started reading at 10 PM, and did not close the book until the early morning hours, when I had finished the last chapter. Goblet remains my favorite Harry Potter book to this day. The wait for the next book was excruciating. What would Harry do now that Voldemort was back?  Would Fudge come to his senses and realize that Dumbledore was telling the truth? How would the rest of the wizarding world react? Waiting for The Half Blood Prince was almost as bad. Would poor Sirius somehow come back from the dead? Who was the Prince? I remember hoping that it was Hagrid, for some reason. And I remember the shock and sadness of experiencing Dumbledores death for the first time. The book just left me with more questions. Where are the Horcruxes? Was Snape really evil? Would Rowling really go as far as to kill Harry, Ron, or Hermione in the end?

When Deathly Hallows finally came out, a friend and I curled up in a sofa each, and just read for a day and a half. I was in tears by the end of the first few chapters. Hedwig dead??? No! Mad Eye too??? I was devastated. Little did I know the sadness would just continue. When I closed the book after reading the last words I felt almost numb. I didn’t want it to be over. By then, I had been a Potter fan for 10 years, almost half my life, and I had grown up with the stories. The fact that it was the last book, and that I had actually finished it felt so surreal. But, as I constantly reminded my self: I still had the movies to look forward to.

I still remember the thrill of seeing the first official photos of  Dan, Emma and Rupert. They looked exactly the way I had pictured them, and I couldn’t be happier. Seeing Hogwarts brought to life on-screen was amazing, and each of the seven, soon to be eight, following movies have been just as magical. I haven’t always agreed with the changes made, or how a character has been portrayed, but the movies have always left me with the same feeling as when I’ve read the books. That, to me at least, makes them great adaptations.

Throughout the years, the magical world Rowling created has given me so much. Hours and hours of wonderful, thrilling reading, great friends who share my love of everything Potter, and a love of great literature. And it has opened so many to the joys of reading! I know that when I have my own children, and they are old enough, I will most certainly introduce them to these amazing books.

Tonight,at 00.01 AM,  the last Harry Potter movie opens here in Norway. I will, naturally, be at the midnight premiere here in my little town. It truly feels like the end of an era, and I have no doubt I will leave the theatre just as numb and in denial as when I finished the last book, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Tonight, I raise my glass to J.K. Rowling, and to Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.

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  1. July 13, 2011 2:45 am

    Gåsehud! Så utrolig bra skrevet! Dette er de samme tankene som jeg har tenkt, men jeg kunne aldri fått dem ned på en slik måte! Filmen var kjempebra, og det var perfekt å nyte den sammen med noen som likte den like godt som meg, og som virkelig deler min Potter-entusiasme 🙂 I raise my glass!

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