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If music be the food of love…

February 15, 2011

When it comes to music, I’m weird. I’m pretty much omnivorous, and I’ll listen to just about anything as long as I think it sounds great, genre be damned. As such, my iPod is packed with anything from Japanese pop to relatively heavy metal, with show-tunes( Hey, try singing one sometime! It’s hard, and musical-performers deserve much more respect and credit than they get! Not to mention that some of the music is pretty catchy and funny) , hip hop, kids songs, rock and classical thrown in to the mix as well. I don’t really need to think that the music is actually good, as long as there’s something interesting or just strange about it. I’ve fallen in love with songs because I’ve liked about 10 seconds of the chorus, or a tiny little guitar solo, or one line in the lyrics. I think one of the few things I really have never taken to in music, is growling. I could never make out the lyrics, and to me that’s a must even if they are in a language I don’t understand.

(Nightwish – Wishmaster, Live From Wishes to Eternity)


If someone asks me what my favorite song, cd or band is, I always struggle to find the answer, because, let’s face it, I have a lot of them- Nightwish, Utada Hikaru, The Beatles, the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, quite a few Metallica songs…I had a year or so where I was addicted to Tori Amos, and during late summer nights listening to Bob Dylan while enjoying a glass of something cold to drink is my idea of heaven… At the moment  I’m fascinated by Japanese and Korean music. I don’t know much about it, true, but I think that’s precisely what’s so interesting; it’s new and different, and sparks my curiosity.

(Utada Hikaru – Prisoner of Love)

The good thing about being open minded about music and not sticking to a particular genre is that I’ll always find something to listen to, as long as I can have some variation. It isn’t really a problem if  I don’t bring my own music to parties because there’ll always be at least some music there that will appeal to me, and that’s all I need.

I still remember the first two CD I bought. It was Absolute Music 17 and Spice Girls’ very first album. Yes, little me had a less than stellar taste in music, I suppose. I can just imagine a ten-year old going around singing Wannabe. *Sigh* I have both the CD’s still tough. I just can’t throw them away, even if I never listen to them. Sentimental value, I suppose.

Battle Royale, one of my all time favorite movies, introduced me to classical music. Before then, I’d never really taken the time to appreciate it, but the movie really showed me how powerful and beautiful it can be. Today, some of my favorite melodies are classical: Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Air on G-sting by Bach and Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen by Schubert.

I hope I will always love music as much as I do now. The world would be a sad place without it.

Please let me know if the videos stop working. You never know when Youtube might remove them.

Oh, and what kind of music do you listen to? And what is it that makes you love a song? The lyrics? The melody? Or something else entirely?

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  1. February 15, 2011 7:02 pm

    Kan høre på det meste ^^, Vi er nok veldig enige om en god del… I hvertfall Nightwish *nods heavily*

    • February 16, 2011 5:37 pm

      Ja, Nightwish e genial! Glede mæ nå sinnsykt te neste albume!

  2. February 16, 2011 3:15 pm

    I know what you mean, I’m pretty eclectic with my music these days. A good song is a good song no matter what genre it comes under.

    I used to be a strictly Contemporary R’n’B mixed genuine oldschool hip hop listener (which is still my favourite genre…) but along came a whole bunch of crunk artists and pretty much infiltrated and ended the era of the Contemporary R’n’B for me. Nowadays, the radio irks me so much, I often even go back to all my oldschool CDs xD)

    Which is kinda why I have turned turned majorly towards Japanese and Korean music. I realised you may not necessarily need to know word for word everything they are saying but being able to be evoked by the music is good enough for me.

    And definitely classical music! Although I probably credit Nodame and Beethoven Virus for this more than I do with Battle Royale. Either way, I’m thankful because there are so many astounding pieces that arouse emotions that are still very relevant to today’s society. It’s amazing to know such genius exists.

    Btw, Spice Girls, I have their first two albums and all the singles from their first two albums as well lol So don’t feel too bad! xP Have to admit, some of their songs are quintessentially poptastic xDD While I’m in the confession booth, let me just say that I love the Backstreet Boys as well 😉

    • February 16, 2011 3:17 pm

      P.S. Prisoner Of Love is awesome, but even more awesome when you put in in context with Ruka and Takeru 😉 The Last Friends OP is one of my faves- I think it reflects the mood of the story superbly.

  3. February 16, 2011 5:45 pm

    *Grins* Yeah, I have two or three Spice Girls albums lying around somewhere and they truly are pop classics. I had my Backstreet Boys fase too along with 5ive and a1. I was a boyband girl for a long time! Then I changed completely and started listening to heavier stuff. Now I’m all over the place really.
    I haven’t seen Beethoven Virus yet, but someone recommended it to me, and if it’s anywhere near as good as Nodame, I’m definitely checking it out.

    Ah, the Last Friends OP is pure brilliance! Everything about it is just…amazing!

    • February 20, 2011 8:00 am

      gahaa You’ve been busted for A-1 there yourself!! But I’ll confess to being a 5ive fangirl at one stage too… Baby when the lights go out <<<— that was my anthem for, like, an entire month lol

      Re Beethoven Virus, while I enjoyed it for the most part, I still definitely don't think it was anywhere near as good as Nodame 🙂 Kim Myung Min did kick butt in BV though (once you get past the eyebrows… lol) I'd love to see a spin-off where his character Kang Mae takes on Chiaki-senpai in Vienna or something- orahgawsh that would be so epic! xDD

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