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Here for your entertainment.

January 17, 2011

Imagine this: You wake up. A bright, blueish light fills your room, and there’s a chill in the air despite the heater you’ve bought to combat the winter temperatures. You look outside, and everything is white and velvet soft. You rush to the door. I mean, it’s snow!! Loads of snow! You need to make snow-angels! As you push down the handle, ready to throw open the door, it won’t budge. You’re snowed in! All your dreams of snowball-fights, snowmen and pretty, pretty snow-lanterns glowing in the night are crushed. As boredom slowly seeps into every bone in your body, you realize that something needs to be done before all work and no fun makes you a very dull person indeed.

How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

This is the question  The Daily Post asked us bloggers as their 10th topic of 2011. I haven’t answered one of their topics before, but as I’m generally very bored at the moment, I figured why not?

When the snow is whirling around outside and the wind is howling, and the weather typical of a middle-norwegian winter sets in and keeps me from wanting to even step outside the door, there are a few things that can keep me, and perhaps you, entertained.

# 1: Lets add some water…

If I’m lucky I’ll be snowed in with my family: this means people to have some fun with! WATER-FIGHT!!!! Yes, it might get a bit messy, but oh well! The look on my mom or brothers face as they get a surprising glass full of icy water poured down their shirt is worth it!  It usually starts with me getting an evil gleam in my eyes, a short trip to the kitchen, some sneaking and a loud shriek from my victim, and ends in an all-out war and complaining from the one person in the house who isn’t participating ( There’s always one of us. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it my sister who’s in a bad mood, or my mom who just doesn’t feel like it at the time ).  The great thing about having epic water fights when you’re bored is that it fits perfectly with one of the other things I do to keep entertained when I’m stuck indoors.

# 2: …and a mop…

I clean. Yes, when I’m bored enough I actually clean the house. It gives me something to do, and I can relax so much better when my home at least looks tidy. If I’m back home with my parents it’s usually needed too. We have three cats, which means that our couch often contains enough cat-hair to make one amazingly large furball, and thus needs to be vacuumed quite often. If I’ve just had a water fight, the cleaning has already begun. Making the house look presentable is also a nice little transition to another form of entertainment, which leads me to….

# 3:…and some more water!

Getting a nice, long, hot shower! It usually calms me down, and I always feel really icky after washing and cleaning the house , so spending an obscene amount of time under warm water is just perfect. If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub, make your self a nice cup of tea/coffee, a glass of wine, or maybe a soda, and sink into the water and relax with a good book while enjoying your beverage of choice.

# 4: Not for bad losers.

I love board games. At least the classic ones like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuits. If you’re snowed in and bored, why not get those boxes that have been gathering dust in the attic or cupboard and have a game night. My stepbrother, one of his friends, my sister and me actually spent New Years Eve this year playing Monopoly and listening to music. We were all rather tired and didn’t feel like going out to party, so it made for a fun, relaxing night at home. And later I even found my old Jumanji-game! Talk about memories! It had some pieces missing though, so we couldn’t play, but that can be fixed…Now I just need to find the rules again…

# 5: The rest…

  • Watch TV
  • Watch a movie
  • Draw a picture
  • Play around with your camera. An impromptu photoshoot is always fun.
  • Start on that book you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t found the time to actually open.
  • Have a pampering session with facials, manicures and music. You can even make your own face-masks! has some nice recipes you can use.
  • Fix things around the house. There’s always a creeky door or leaky faucet that needs repair.
  • Sleep! If you’re like me, it’s much needed.

And with this, I’ll be starting my PostAWeek project that WordPress is organizing over at The Daily Post. I’ll be doing my best to post at least once a week, hopefully a bit more,  throughout 2011. If I make it, I’ll bake myself some cookies! 😛  And as you know comments = love and motivation, so keep those autogenerated “Please moderate ‘name of post’…” mails coming! I grin like the Cheshire cat when I get those! If you want to post more often your self, head on over to The Daily Post to sign up for PostAWeek or PostADay, and to get ideas and inspiration.

( Board game picture found at : and the waterfight photo at: )

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  1. Jasnette permalink
    January 17, 2011 7:25 pm

    Hmm… I think I’ll try that post a week (or even post a day) thing… Though I found the time to blog twice today so mayhaps I don’t need it?

    Another thing to keep you entertained; friends with iPhone and autocorrect!

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