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30-Day Picture Challenge, day 17!

January 2, 2011

Yes, the challenge is back!!  And todays mission: Nicknames you have – why do you have them?

I’ve had a few nicknames. In elementary school it was  Rake, the Oracle ( In Norwegian, Rachel and oracle rhymes), and now it’s The Hobbit. I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan, I’m short, I love food, and have large feet, and thus one of my friends in High School ( and my mom ) came to the conclusion that I’m actually a hobbit. She even asked to see my feet to check if they were hairy!

The nickname I’ve chosen for this post however, is Luinriel. It too has its origin in my high school years and Tolkien. It’s Elvish for Blue Maiden, and reflects both the color of my eyes, and the fact that I was/still am pretty blue-eyed and naive when it comes to people.   I love it, and it even named this blog as well! Yes, the picture above is photoshopped, but grayish-blue doesn’t really stand out that much from a gray-white background.

A more natural photo. No editing at all *grins*

Anyway, I’ll blog more later. I need to get back to my real life, otherwise known as growing attached to the couch that I’ve barely left this christmas.

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