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30 Day Picture Challange, day 13 and 14

October 10, 2010

Since I’ve been really bad at posting one of these every day(blame it on laziness and tiredness), I decided to post two days with of the challenge today.

Day 13: A picture of you last year and now. How have you changed since then?

I don’t think I’ve changed much from last year. I’m still the same geeky 20-something I was back then. I’ve gained a bit of weight, since I had just worked at a burger-place and had no appetite at all when the 2009 picture was taken. I was still a bit puffy from removing my wisdom tooth in the 2010 picture, so the change might not be that drastic either. The biggest change I think, is that I now have a Bachelors degree. I can start working if I want to, and that I’ve finally, after years of halfway meaning to, joined a gym.

Day 14: The meaning behind your Facebook status.

My Facebook-status can be translated as: “hmmm…Now where are those internship-positions that were supposed to be posted today?”

My class has a two-week internship coming up soon, and on thursday we were supposed to get to know where we had been placed, before 3 o’clock. I was a bit frustrated by the lateness of the internship office, and vented a bit. A few hours later(when school was closed and the workday over) our internships positions were posted though, and I’m very happy with mine 🙂

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