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30-Day Picture Challenge, Day 2: A photo that makes you laugh

September 17, 2010

Todays picture callenge: A photo that makes you laugh:

*grins* Jasnette, Badger and I were waiting for my train back to school after a weekend back home with my parents, and we decided to have a little photoshoot. Right in the middle of the trainstation-cafe. It was such a blast! And Badger looks so scared, yet so amused! Yes, we are completely normal, thank you very much*shifty eyes*

An edited version of this, with Jansette and my eyes bright red and our skin paler than pale (yes, we’re pale even in the original, I know. We’re completely bright white in the edit)  is framed and placed in my windowsill, and usualy gets me in a good mood when I see it.

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