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Spiders…Why did it have to be spiders?

August 5, 2010

I usually have nothing against bugs and creepy crawlies. I don’t minds wasps and bees, beetles and things like that, but the eight-legged little horrors known as spiders absolutely terrify me!! To quote Ron Weasley: “It’s something about the way they move.”  It’s just freaky and not to mention creepy. And they just pop out of nowhere! Suddenly they’re just there, dangling right in front of your face, or crawling over your legs. It gives me the shivers. And lucky as I am, I spend my summers on a working dairy-farm. The barn with our 40 or so cows is right next to the house. Cows = loads of flies = LOADS of spiders.  In the three years I’ve been studying, living in a dorm, I’ve found only one spider around my room. Here on the other hand, on the farm, I find more than that in one room every day alone. And I have to search my room every night for them before I go to sleep, and remove old cobwebs that I find.

Yes, I know they can’t hurt me and that I’m being irrational. Norwegian spiders are actually pretty small compared to other places and most not remotely lethal for humans, I doubt you’d even notice at all if one bit you, but I’m still absolutely petrified of them.  Isn’t that the definition of a phobia though? “An irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people.” (Wikipedia)  But I really can’t help it. There’s just something about spiders that completely throw me off, and every ounce of logic and calm in me just flies out the window.

This “little” beauty was one of many hanging from one of the windows of the barn. *shivers* Thank god none of those have gotten into my room yet. They’re so big that you can actually see it’s pincers.

The ones in my room are slightly smaller, black and not so bloated. I’m probably driving my brother nuts getting him to remove them for me.  And my step-dad just thinks it’s hilarious to practically shove the spiders right in my face, no matter how angry I get or try to explain that I do not think it’s funny at all.*sigh*

So what are your phobias and fears? Or do you know any good easy to get/ easy to make spider-repellents you can recommend for me?

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  1. Jasnette permalink
    August 8, 2010 1:43 pm

    Oh I know all about phobias. You know me and syringes. Or needles in general (though watching a guy tattoo my wrist was okay, even interesting)
    I even freak out when you talk about getting shots, it throws me off completely, and I’m inclined to get violent to get the ones talking to shut up.
    But my aunt (the witchy one^^) told me about something that worked wonders for her, ‘Kinesologi’. It works with both phobias and depressions and stuff. I’m gonna give it a try, since I have that phobia, and I do get depressed for no reason in periods. Also, my sisters are going to try it to see if it works with their fears for cats and dogs. Even kittens is enough to make Sølvi scream and practically climb up into my arms, and Kristine freezes completely, she doesn’t even breathe.
    Maybe that could be something for you too? It might even help you relax a bit, and not stress so much

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