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I’m a college graduate..Maybe..possibly…

June 7, 2010

Once again I’ve been a bad blogger.I actually DO have a good reason for not updating the last three weeks though: exams. Or more correctly: the last two exams I’ll take as a pre-school teacher-student! For the past month I’ve been looking like this…

when all I’ve wanted to do is this:

I’ve been going through a sleepy fase the past few weeks, and the absolute last thing I felt like doing was studying,but today I’m officially done! Three years of higher education is now over. It’s such a bizarre feeling! Though I’m pretty sure I failed my religions exam, and have to retake it next year, I still feel free somehow! Three years have gone by so quickly, it’s scary. The fun part though, is seeing how much I’ve actually learned.  Things that were so confusing to me my first year seems pretty simple now. I’m so happy that I’m finally done though, and as long as I’ve passed those two final exams, I have my first bachelor’s degree! I’ll know in a few weeks *Chews lip nervously*

I’m really gonna miss my class. True, there weren’t many that I had contact with outside school, but I always felt welcome and accepted in the class, which is pretty much the first time that has happened since…well…ever I think.(Yes, I’m one of those clichés who was absolutely miserable in jr. High/ High School) I actualy managed to talk to quite a few of my classmates this time without feeling like a complete idiot, which is also kind of new. I usually feel so weird and uncomfortable in huge groups of people who I don’t really know that well. If you meet me at a party where I only know one or two people, you can be sure I’m sitting in a corner the whole night, not saying a word, other than to the people I already know, or if someone talks to me first. Shy? Me? What ever gave you that idea? For some reason it wasn’t so bad this time, and I’ve become a lot more extroverted the past three years.

Tomorrow we have a tiny closing ceremony for the class with our teachers. My mom is even driving up here for it, which is really nice, and we’re having a dinner/party for the entire group later on at night. It should be fun, dressing up and going out, celebrating.

Anyway, now I need to clean my room before my mom gets here tomorrow. Luinriel in exam mode= a Luinriel not feeling up to cleaning her room too much…iish! It’s not that bad though… just books and clothes lying around, and an ever-increasing army of dustbunnies.

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  1. Jasnette permalink
    June 8, 2010 8:53 am

    One: I hate you. I have another exam tomorrow

    two: There’s no way you flunked your exam. I’m sure you passed like a star (not a falling one though I hope)

    three: I kinda wish we were getting a degree too… Sure, we’d have to write that bachelor assignment, but at least we’d have a degree to show for 4 years. We’re the last year to not get one. But then… We can work with kids from 5/6 to 15/16… They have to choose.

    four: I’ve seen you at parties where you didn’t know most people… But then, I was too occupied by the two guys who decided my lap was the most convenient place to arm wrestle. Can you say testosterone pudding?

    five: *looks around her room sheepishly* Jasnette in exam mode = Jasnette not giving a damn about what her room looks like… IT looks like a storm blew in here and moved everything around. This room doesn’t have enough storing space for all my stuff. I have to tidy up here after tomorrow, /if/ I’m still alive after that horrible Norwegian exam. I already flunked it once, I can’t afford to flunk it again

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