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The Weathergods sure have a sense of humor…

May 11, 2010

It’s May…It’s not supposed to be snowing! Even here in cold Norway, it’s not supposed to be snowing! But that’s exactly what it did yesterday…Today though, it’s bright sun, blue skies and warm outside…Go figure…Norway during spring, told you in a previous post that the weather here is confusing…I just hope that it doesn’t snow on the 17th of May(Norway’s national day)

Exams are coming up, and I’m going to try to survive the next month without coca cola. Those of you that know me, know that I’m completely addicted to the stuff… Usually I can’t go even a day without soda, and I get headaches if I even try…I think it’s a combination of the caffeine and the unbelievable amounts of sugar(0.5 L of Coca Cola contains more that 15 sugar cubes). And some people claim that you cant get addicted to soda..yeah, right!  I’ve been really good the past few days though…I’ve made it two days now without soda, and the only reason I did drink soda on Sunday was  because I was watching a movie with a friend. I think part of what makes it so difficult for me to kick the cola-habit, other than the caffeine and sugar,  is that I don’t like water very much. It’s just so…tasteless. I mean, it’s good when it’s ice cold and fresh from the tap, but after a few minutes it’s no good anymore. At least I think so…I’m weird, I know.  Anyway, does anyone out there have any advice for me on how to seriously cut down on the soda? Any ideas would be welcome and most likely tried out.

Also, YEY!!!!  Today I had my last class as a preschool-teacher student! Now I only have two exams left, and I’m done! It was kind of a shock to be walking out of the classroom today, knowing that I would never be in the same class as most of the people there ever again. We’re having a graduation-party after the last exam on the 8th of june though, so at least we’ll all get to say goodbye.  I’m planning to continue some more advanced studies next year, so I won’t be moving away from Levanger yet-I’ve applied to both Special Pedagogics and Organisation And Leadership. Haven’t decided yet which one I’ll accept if I get into both.

Anyway, until next time-blog ya later!

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