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You know you’re not motivated to study when you would much rather clean your room.

May 2, 2010

Why is it that whenever you realy should be writing your pretty important college-paper, everything else seems more interesting? Like cleaning your room, or doing the dishes, or reorganising your cd’s, deleting junk from the computer….*sigh* I’m having a major writers block these days..I know I realy should be working on my Religions paper on the five pillars of Islam, but I just have no motivation right now, and it’s due next friday. Oh well, I’ve gotten started at least..3 and a half pages so far, and I always work best the last two days before the deadline, when I’m realy feeling the preassure.

Oooh, and today I get to release my inner geek 😀 It’s Draw A Lightening Bolt On Your Forehead Day, in memory of the Battle Of Hogwarts when You-Know-Who was defeated! Why, yes, I am a Harry Potter fan, how ever did you guess? *laughs*

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