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The Post-It war gone plastic! And Spoonish…

April 27, 2010

*grins* I told you about the Epic Post-It War…and now it’s gone plastic. One weekend Jasnette and Badger once again foolishly left me alone in Levanger, a friend who came to visit and I felt a bit mischievous. So we decided to cover their doors with plastic bags *grins widely* It was hilarious!  I did feel a bit sorry for them though…Their train was almost an hour late, so they didn’t get home until 12.30 AM, and had to remove an unknown amount of plastic to get into their rooms.

*grins* We had a blast though!

Me, Jasnette and Badger also have a new war going, causing the Post-It war to go spoonish. We’re spoon-ninjas! We try to sneak teaspoons into each others pockets without the person noticing. It’s hilarious!

….I think studying might have caused us to go slightly crazy 😛

A few days ago I did something I hadn’t done since I was 14 or so…I played Baseball!  One of my classmates, Katja, asked me to join her and a friend of hers, and it was actually a lot of fun 😀 Exhausting, but fun! And on my way home I saw a pretty, pretty sunset.

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