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Twilight, I think we need to break up…

March 25, 2010

So…A year ago, I never would have though I’d be writing this post.  Back then I was a huge Twilight-fan, and plenty of my post here were Twi-related. That has changed, and it is now over between me and the Book of Sparklepires.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a fan, but I suppose the whole fenomenon has just left me with a realy bad aftertaste. Here in Norway it was kind of quiet until the first movie came out, and still is, I guess, compared to other places. However, I’ve spent alot of time online, mostly on Facebook, and it’s just scary now! Some of the fans just can’t tolerate that people have an opinion other than their own, not to mention the whole Harry Potter/ Twilight “war”.  These people are so posessive and fully attacks those who dares to disagree with them. Yes, I do realise that not all Twilight-fans are like that, in fact most aren’t, but those few are so dominating and ruin the entire fandom-experience.

Also, alot of the tiny things that have been bugging me since the first time I read the series, for example the whole sparkling thing and how willing Bella is to throw away everything for a guy, have been grating more and more on my nerves. So I figured it was time to give Twilight and Stephenie Meyer the break-up speech.

Like I said, I AM still a fan. I like the books and will probably read them again more than once, the movie is decent entertainment on rainy afternoons, but the crazyness of the fandom is just too much. I can only take so much of horrific spelling and”ohmygosh, Edward is lyke, so HAWT! Whuuut? U dont agree? *smashes ur head with my book* ” before I feel my brain turn to mush.

So now I have returned to my original fandoms, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, where the fans actualy respect each other and have fun together,and where it’s possible to have a decent discussion about the books without being flamed.

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