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Cotton Candy and bumpercars

March 1, 2010

So..Yeah…I said I would probably need to blog throughout my internship…And now it’s been more than 3 weeks since my last post…Epic fail on my behalf, I know.

Anyway..My internship is going fairly well. I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed and disoriented as the last few rounds interning, which is a good thing, I suppose. I’m just through with my “leadership-week”. I ran my section of the kindergarten for a whole week, which requires A LOT of planning and information, trust me! It was loads of fun though, and I think I did okay…I hope so anyway.

This weekend was the Marsimartnan here in Levanger. Marsimartnan roughly translates to the March-market or March Fair. There are a bunch of vendors and booths around town selling all kinds of things, delicious food and trinkets, people in old-fashioned costumes, and a torchlight procession…and of cource, a relatively small funfair. Marsimartnan is one of the oldest markets in Norway, aparently(Wikipedia is a brilliant, brilliant thing). I love it! Especialy the torchlight procession. It’s so cozy and lovely. And all throughout the route of the procession there are loads of different “stations” with people singing, short dramatisations and things like that. So if you’re in Levanger around the end of february, begining of march you need to check it out. Me, Badger and Jasnette decided to try the bumpercars. It was AWSOME!!! Jasnette and I ganged up on poor little Badger. She even has bruises on her knees now *grins, even though she feels slightly guilty about actualy bruising her*  I haven’t laughed so much in a long time!  We wandered around the booths, tasting food, looking at pretty, pretty things, and finished off the day with cotton-candy and bacon snacks. I’m looking forwards to next years fair already!

Nom nom nom nom noms cotton candy!

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