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I know, I fail…Yet again.

January 30, 2010

I haven’t  blogged seriously for a while now. School was kind of crazy last school-year, and I’ve been realy exhausted ever since, and christmas also left me completely drained. Thus I haven’t felt much like writing anything lately.  But I’ll keep trying. I’m about to start a five week internship in a kindergarten soon, and I have a feeling I will  probably need the blog to keep me sane among all the assignments, stress and looooong days.


During christmas I saw Avatar. I abselutely loved it!  The story was beatiful, the effects extremely well done, and the cast was great!  I only regret not being able to see it in 3D, as the local cinema didn’t offer that choice. Hopefully the DVD release will include the 3D version as well.

So, what would you readers out there like me to blog about? Leve me a comment, and let me know 😀

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