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It’s cooooooooooooold

January 6, 2010

To start: Happy 2010!! Another year gone, and a new one begun.

Yes, I realize I haven’t blogged much lately…Bad me. I just realy haven’t felt like it with the stress of school and stuffs like that.

During the past month not much that I want to put in a blog has happened. After my exams in the begining of December I went home to celebrate christmas and New Years with my family, and only just got back to my dorm today. And, just typically, I had turned down the heat of my room before I left almost a month ago…It’s bloody freeeeeeezing in there!I think it’s at least – 20 degrees Celcius outside. I wore two pairs of thick wool socks, a wool sweater, wool leggings,and covered myself in a blanket….And I was still ice cold. In the end I had to go ask one of my friends who also live in the same bulding if I could stay in her room for a while. *sigh* I like winter and the cold, but NOT when I can’t even stay in my own room because of it.

Also, I, yet again, have a new obsession…or more like a continuing of a old one: I’ve discovered A Very Potter Musical! And it’s TOTALY AWSOME!!!( a reference to a song in the musical for those of you who haven’t seen it )

You can find the entire show at 😀 It lasts a long time, but it abselutely worth it!

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