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A week of Dublins finest!

December 8, 2009

Dublin in one word: Expencive.

But still worth it. It’s a very pretty city, and abselutely a great place to go.

We stayed at the Avondale Bed and Breakfast.

When we got there, our first impression of the B&B was rather dissapointing. We had booked two rooms with two single beds in each. What we got was one bed slightly larger that average, with only one duvet..Not very practical when we were two people sharing a room…Oh well. We got used to it though, and I at least didn’thave a problem with the b&b other than the fact that I had to walk up what felt like an ndless amout of stairs to get to the room. The service there was exelent, and I would’t mind staying there the next time I’m in Dublin.

Most of the time there we just walked around town, shopping a bit, looking at the buildings and things.

We did make sure we saw the Moly Malone statue though, as we’d played the song quite a few times on the trip 😀

We also went to St. Stephens Green, a beautiful park in the middle of the town. I loved it there!

We also made sure to check out the famous Temple Bar district. I loved the cobbles streets there 😀 😀 😀 We didn’t go the the Temple Bar itself though, as it looked packed most of the time. We did go to the Porterhouse though, and quite liked it.

Another pub we went to was ODonoghues. It’s the pub where amongst others the Dubliners were formed. They have their own corners where only musicians can sit. So anyone who brings an instrument can sit there and play. Which can lead to some interesting music. We were realy lucky, and the guys playing the night we were there were great, and very nice. And we realized that the world is quite small. The people sitting at the table across from ours were norwegians as well!  Just to make the night even more perfect, I FINALY got to hear The Wild Rover live in Ireland! 😀 It was awsome!

One of the last days in Dublin, I decided to play Tourist, and went sightseeing by myself.

I went to the Dublin Castle, where I also met a very sweet kitty in the gardens 😀

I went to the Christchurch chappel as well, which was STUNNING!

And lastly, I went to Trinitly College, and as the book-lover I am I hoped to see the library there. Well. I got there, and it cost a fortune to get into the library itself , so I elegantly skipped it.

Aaaaaaand…here are some other pictures from the week in Dublin


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