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Our last week in Portstewart, and then on to Dublin!

December 7, 2009

Yes, I know this post is seriously late. By now, I’ve been back home in Norway for a month. I just haven’t felt like writing anything yet. No inspiration what so ever.

Well, our last week in Portstewart was calm and quiet, realy. We usualy just relaxed , watched tv and did some shopping in Coleraine.  Katja and Katrine had their hair cut, and they both look amazing now 😛

One night we got all dressed up and fancy to go out for dinner. Once we got out though, it was so late that most of the pubs and bars had stopped serving food. We ended up eating burgers at a fast food place instead. *sighs* Well, the burgers were pretty good at least.

Oh and I mentioned in my previous post that I won a dinner for 2…Well…Turns out that it was more of a lunch. It was apparently only available on Sundays from 12-14. I found that out when I called the restaurant at 14.30 to make reservations. *sigh* Thankfully I got to chose a meal for the same value though. The dinner was okay, I suppose, though fish and potatoe mush don’t realy go together in my opinion…And it got expencive! Even with a 31 pound discount, it cost us more than 70 pounds in the end. Kind of disapointing concidering that two of us originaly were supposed to eat for free. Oh, well…That’s just my luck I suppose.

One our our last nights in Portstewartwe went out and as we were halfway planning to go home, we spotted a bunch of people in costumes standing outside one of the clubs. One of them was in a epic viking costume!*grins* We got to talking to him and his sister and ended up at their place for an afterparty. It was awsome!

The morning we were leaving for Dublin, I decided to get up early to take a walk down the beach. I hade been there right before dark the night before and it was stunning! When I got back to the house again, I didn’t want to leave! I just wanted to stay in Portstewart!

Beautiful, huh? I loved it!!!

On our way to Dublin, we stopped at the Giants Causeway, which was pretty awsome!

Next post: Impressions from Dublin!

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