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Northern Ireland- the first week

October 19, 2009

I’ve been in Portstewart for a week now, and I’m really liking it! 😀

On saturday the 10th(a little more than a week ago) we spent the entire night playing pool(Yes, the house we rented has a pool table!!!) and listening to music. It was a blast, and will definitely be repeated. We’ve been exploring the town a bit, and it’s really pretty and picturesque. We live very close to the beach, and Katja and Katrine went for a walk there a few days ago and said it was amazing. I was exhausted then, but I’ll definitely join them next time.

DSCN2059 copy

One of the local Portstewart churches


A local convent 😛

The first week working at the school here went fine. The people working there are friendly and welcoming, and the kids are soooo unbelievably adorable and sweet! We’ve been kind of tossed around between the classes though, and so far we’ve been through the entire primary school except year 4 and 6. We’ll be in year 3 all next week though, preparing for our “project”( aka our assignment from HINT). I’ll be making paper-mache masks with the kids, and teaching them a little bit about the history of Halloween.( for those of you who don’t know, Halloween started out as a festival of the dead in Britain. The Celts had the festival of Samhain on the same day, where they celebrated their dead relatives with games and bonfires. When the Romans came to Britain the festival was adapted to Christianity and renamed All Hallows Eve-now shortened to Halloween).

I took a couple of pictures around the nearest town, Coleraine, when we went there to see if we could find something interesting to do on our days off.



A church in Coleraine.

A church in Coleraine.

I love the buildings here! None of them are the same. If the buildings in an area has the same architecture, then there are so many details that makes them completely unique. I think all the houses in Norway pretty much look the exactly the same, so it’s fun seeing something different.

We’ve been exploring the shopping area in Coleraine as well, and I’ve officially fallen in love with the Waterstone’s bookshop there. It’s fantastic! I bought Marked, the first book in the House of Night series, Dr. Darcy, Vampire, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

One of the first things we were asked when we came here was if things here are cheaper than back home in Norway. At the time we’d only been to a pub to eat, not in any real shop, so we said that it was a bit cheaper, but pretty much the same. Well…I can tell you now that it’s definitely cheaper here, especially the food.

I’ll be blogging more later on. I’m doing my paper mache project tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ooh, and Katja found a really pretty, very strange butterfly. It just sat on her hand, and wouldn’t fly no matter what she did.

The pretty, pretty butterfly

The pretty, pretty butterfly

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