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Blogging live, on the buss to Northern Ireland

October 8, 2009

So, right now I’m blogging from the night-buss on my way to Oslo (gotta love low-priced buss companies that has a free wireless network*grins*), and tomorrow morning I’m be on the plane to Dublin! It’s s surreal! I have no real feeling of actually going anywhere yet…a few butterflies fluttering around in my stomack, that’s it. Usually I’m way too stressed out when traveling, but now I’m almost eerily relaxed.
I don’t know if I’ll have web-access when I’m there, but I’ll try to keep you guys updatedon everything that’s happening if I can, and post a lot of pictures, naturaly!

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  1. Jasnette permalink
    October 9, 2009 1:48 pm

    I demand to be kept up to date!
    You know, this girl in my class asked me about Death Note, Another Note. I told her I wasn’t sure if they have it on Outland, so I decided to google it, Guess what popped up when I googled “Death Note, another Note, Outland Trondheim.” YOU! Your blogg was number 6 or something. ^^

  2. Jasnette permalink
    October 9, 2009 1:54 pm

    Promise me to have loads of fun in Ireland, okay? And see if Irish guys are as charming as they’re supposed to be! *grins*

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