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Art History and cupboards

August 30, 2009

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking a half-year course in Art this year, and our first assignment is to design and make a cupboard *grins* Mine will be shaped like a guitar, and I’ll have some of my favorite cd’s there..At least that’s the plan. Making a cupboard is  a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. Oh well…My teacher helps us out whenever we need it, so I guess it’ll be okay.

As a part of the course, I also have lectures in The History of Art. It was actually quite interesting. I was expecting it to be boring, but I didn’t want the class to end! We learned  a lot about the Mona Lisa(which is quite an erotic painting, apparently*laughs*), and a few norwegian paintings. Most of the lectures will be on norwegian art history, specially the next month, as we’re going to Oslo sometime during the end of September, to see the Fall Exhibit, the new opera( as architecture is art as well), and loads of museums. Hopefully, it’ll be  a lot of fun.  I’m taking the nightbus down to Oslo, so I’ll be exhausted the first day, but I’ll survive.

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