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Summer at Ørlandet

June 16, 2009

When I’m not studying, I live in a tiny costal “town” called Brekstad, at Ørlandet. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Summer her can be kind of boring, but also very relaxing. There isn’t much to do, so mostly I either catch up on my non-school books, watch tv or hang out with friends.

Ørland has a realy pretty natural reserve, which includes a forest called the Austråttlund. I love taking walks there during the summer, talking nonsence with whoever has managed to drag me out that day. It’s beautiful, misty and green. Parts of it is bog-like as well, so it has a realy mystic, magical feel to it. Just my kind of place.

Ørland is a very small place, with only 5000 inhabitants, most of them in the military one way or the other and thus leaving after a few years, so summer jobs, or work in general, is difficult to come by unless you’re lucky enough to know someone who’s hiering. It’s nepotism at its worst. Most of the time I don’t even get a reply to my applications. *sigh*  Oh well…My stepfather owns a farm, and grows potatoes, so my only way of earning money during the summer here is to pick,sort and sell potatoes. It’s fun the first few times, but then it gets old very quickly. And telling people repetedly that ” no, the potatoes aren’t expencive. They’re newpotatoes, and costs the same as old winter-storaged potatoes does in the shops” REALY gets on my nerves fast!

The hightlight of the summer is usualy Ørlandsdagene, a local festival. There’s usualy a traveling funfair, concerts and salesbooths in the streets, soccer tournaments…It’s nice and very summer-y. My mom, sister and me sit outside at a cafe, drinking coffee and sodas, eating chicken-sticks, listening to live music. It’s awsome.

Anyway…That’s pretty much my summer at Ørland 🙂

Happy blogging everyone, and have a nice summer 😀

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