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So unbelievably sad and tragic

April 28, 2009

Norways two largest newspapers today reported in their online editions that a 9 year old had today brough a shotgun to school, and managed to fire of two shots before a teacher managed to take the firearm away. Luckily noone was hurt.  According to VG , the boy had been arguing with an older student, and this is what  made him bring the shotgun, but it isn’t certain that this was the motive.

This is, to my knowledge, the first time something like this has happened in Norway…and I’ve kind of been expecting it for a while. It was realy only a matter of time.  The norwegian educational system does not take bullying seriously enough. I was bullied myself, though thankfully not physically or intentionaly. They just though it was funny that I got so mad, and did not realise that what they did was bullying.  But it still took the teachers 5 years to see it, even if I locked my self in the bathroom once and refused to come out. When they did discover it, all they did was have a little talk about bullying in the class. It helped, but still…It should not have taken 5 years!

Bullying can ruin lives so easily if noone tries to stop it. And the psycological byllying is every bit as damaging as the physical, if not more. Words and systematic insults stick with you alot longer than cuts and bruises, and can follow a person their entire life.

Luckily the school was quick to react, and had an emergency meeting with the parents and students of the school already an hour after the shooting.

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