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March 18, 2009

I’m so exhausted these days. School is realy draining all my energy. I just realy need a loooooong break from anything school-related. Things have been going non-stop since august, even during christmas, and the workload seems never ending right now. Since christmas break, we’ve had one huuuuuuuge science project( we started in january, and we’re not done yet) one equaly huge drama project, an individual math assignment, a profile period ( our version of selecting a Major, I suppose. We choose one thing we want to specialize in, either estethics, like art and drama, or physical and natural lessons, including gym and science) lasting two weeks, a week long class trip to Copenhagen, a two week internship in a local 1st or second grade, and just last week we started a new drama project. In addition to this, I have to analyze a childrens book, and have a reading hour with a group of kindergarteners. Once the reading hour is done, we have to write a report on how it went, and write a reflection on the importance of having analyzed the book beforehand.  All of this in about 3 months….Isn’t college great? *sigh* And on April 1st, we’re starting a month long group math exam, which we know next to nothing about yet.

Is it weird that I realy need a break? The one thing that actualy makes it worthwhile now is the fact that I adore the studygroup I’m in. We have so much fun together, and actualy cooperate realy well.

Anyway….only  two weeks until easter break!!!! Wohooo!

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