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New Moon and Eclipse movie news..pluss something for the horror fans.

February 22, 2009

The Eclipse movie now has an official release date: June 30th, 2010! As glad that I am that us Twilighters don’t have to wait years and years for the next movie, 7 months between this years December 21th release of New Moon seems very little, concidering that they need new castings, most likely a few new locations,  a new director( is has also now officialy been announced that Chris Weitz won’t be directing Eclipse as he would be in post-production on New Moon then..), loads of pretty heavy special effects like the werewolfes,and a bunch of other post -production stuff.

I understand that the movies have to be made quickly, as the Vampy characters aren’t supposed to change at all, but everything just seems so rushed and uncaring from Summits side. Catherine Hardwick quit the franchise because they wouldn’t give her the time she needed to make a decent movie, and now this? *sigh* I just hope Chis Weitz and whoever is hired to direct Eclipse knows what they’re doing, and can deliver a decent result despite the timepressure.

And the last bit of Twilight news: MTV has revealed the official logo for New Moon! And I must say, I like it!


And now for some pretty exiting horror-movie news:

It probably isn’t all that new though, come to think of it…Dimention Films and Kevin Williamson are currently working on Scream 4! So far, Wes Craven has not signed on. According to an interview on Bloody Disgusting he’s waiting to see the script before he decides anything, and apparently wants comensation for something that happened during the making of Cursed. The company has also made offers to the previous main actors Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette.

I’m actualy quite exited about this! I grew up with the Scream movies, being 11 when the first movie came out, and a horror-addicted 15 year old when the third and so far final movie appeared in 2000.  Hopefully Craven will sign on. It would’t be the same without him.

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