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A very very late update

January 12, 2009

*sighs* And then the holidays are over, and reality kicks in. I’m back at school, and there’s a bunch of papers and exams ahead….*looks terrified and whispers*…help me?

It probably won’t be so bad. I’m just being my usual pessimistic self.

Anyway…On Saturday, I’m going in to Trondheim to watch Twilight! It doesn’t open here in Norway until january 9th, but I was lucky enough to get a ticket to a pre-screening on the 12th of December.  I loved it! I even got a free poster and a pamphlet with the first chapter of Twilight, or the Kiss of Eternity as it’s called in Norwegian.

I think the movie was great..Though some parts were quite … strange…and nothing like what I’d imagined.

This mostly goes for Bella’s friends in school, like Eric and Angela. Eric was just too…hyper, and Angela seemed like as much of a gossip as Jessica.

Nikki Reed did a good job as Rosalie, but I didn’t get the feeling that she was from a wealthy upper-class family at all.

Robert Pattinson…All I can say is wow! He stole each and every scene he was in! I’ve heard some complain that his acting was embarrasing and mediocre, but I think he got Edwards personality perfectly.  He’s supposed to be haunted by the very thing he thinks he is, and that comes across so well.  Read the Midnight Sun draft that’s out on Stephenies website, and you’ll understand.

Anyway…I’m realy sorry I haven’t updated in so long! I just haven’t felt motivated to blog at all. But I’ll try to keep updating regularily non the less.

Ooooh…And..*brings out partyhats and balloons* Random Ramblings has had more than 100 000 hits! *squeals happily*

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  1. February 12, 2009 1:11 am

    Oh I love twilight! I’m reading the second book right now! In english ofc! .. but I see you are from norway so maybe i dont even have to write in english ^^
    faväl 😛

  2. February 12, 2009 8:54 pm

    *grins* I’ve read all the books, and I’m reading The Host now as well.
    Well…I can understand swedish and danish, so if you’re from one of those countries, feel free to write in whichever language you want 😀

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