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Interning, leadership, manga and 8 minuttes of Twilight

November 2, 2008

I have so much to tell you guys about!

This past week and the next three, I’m interning at a kindergarten as a part of my college-education.

It’s been a fun but exhausting week. Things would be so much easier ifI didn’t have a ton of reports to write in addition to the 7 hours a day I’m actualy working in the kindergarten it self. We have do write a description of the social relationship and the status amongst the children. Well..In my kindergarten there’s 33 kids…And I’m only going to be there for a month. How am I supposed to see who plays with who, what they like to play, who’s the leader of the “cliques” and so on, in such a short time? I realy wish my councilor had devided the children between the 4 of us who are interning there. Oh well..I think it’ll work out somehow, once i get to know the kids a bit better. Things are just a bit overwhelming right now.

And two days ago, on friday, I had my first leader-day. Basicly, I was in charge of the entire kindergarten for a day. I had to decide things like which of the kids were to be sent outside, i we were going to do anything special since it was Halloween, delegating the everyday work like sweeping the floors, getting the kids dressed for playing outside…It was a weird but very useful exprience, having so much responsability. I think I did okay…Not perfectly, but as well as can be expected from someone with no leadership experience.

Oh, and my student loan FINALY showed up! Most of it’s gone now, used to pay bills and stuff that’s been building up the past two and a half months I was supposed to get the money. I’ve bought some DVD’s and manga as well*grins*  So now my Death Note collection is complete, exept for L:Change the World. And my Nana collection’s getting pretty decent as well. I now have 7 out of the 12 or 13 volumes that they have at Outland( the SciFi/Fantasy/Manga specialty store closest to me ) I know that they’re going on Vol. 20 or 21 in Japan, though( And I’ve read everything that’s been translated so far! Can’t wait for chapter 78-2. *sobs* Ren…Poor Nana!)

Twilight seems to be everywhere these days. The movie’s coming out in just 19 days!!! Though here in Norway it doesn’t open until Feb. 6th. Anyway since the last time I wrote about something Twilight related, a full-length trailer, a bunch of tv-spots,pictures and soundtrack-things have hit the web, leaked or otherwise. Bella’s Lullaby can now be found on Youtube, and I must say, I love it! Also, a 8 minute clip from the movie was screened at the Rome Film Festival, and has, of cource, been uploaded to youtube. It’s the first meeting between Bella and the Cullens, when Edward brings her home to meet the family. We finaly get to see Alice and Jasper on screen!!! *giggles* Alice is just hillarious! And Jasper seems so tense…Abselutely perfect. And again..The Lullaby and Edward at the piano…*sighs*…

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  1. anette18 permalink
    November 9, 2008 11:38 pm

    First of all, I love the new header you’ve got! That said, I’m going to rob Outland for Nana and Death Note reated stuf next time I’m there! I say rob, because there is no way I can afford it… *pouts*

    Oh, and don’t let those little creatures get the better of you, be strong! And do not show any fear! They can smell it a mile away!

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