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Just a “little” distraught and angry!

August 25, 2008

Well…As some of my might know, I’m currently studying to become a kindergarten/preschool teacher.

Here in Norway students are ususaly granted a student loan that becomes a partial scholarship when you pass each year of your education.

Anyway…I applied for my loan for this year at the end of june. I thought it was weird that I hadn’t heard anything until now. I just found out that my application has been denied. So…here I am…A student…No job…Living by my self…And I don’t get the student’s loan????? WTF! So what does this mean? Well, if it isn’t some huge mistake, which I’m seriously hoping it is, I have to quit school. Or at least take a year off. I can’t afford it otherwise. School in Norway isn’t that expencive. We don’t realy pay tuition, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that I now have no money for food or school books, which IS realy expencive. Last year I payed about 10 000 kr. (about 2000 dollars, I think…) for my school books alone.

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