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February 24, 2008

  Who would you date from Death Note? [Includes : Long results, What everyone thinks, Pics, and Life after the series!]  
You would date L!|How you met|You’d always known that L was strange, and you thought it was adorable. You grew up with him at Wammy’s house and you got to know each other very well [though at that time, you had no idea he was L. At this point in time, he was just Lawliet.]. You are, of course, younger than L, however. Anyway. You’d been living in Japan when the whole Kira incident occurred. You tried finding L, but gave up after a while.While walking through the halls of To-Oh [the university you attended], You’d seen an odd looking boy slouched over and talking to one of your classmates. Light Yagami smiled and waved you over. “Hey, over here! I want you to meet Hideki Ryuga.”You two instantly clicked. A few weeks after you’d met, he asked you to join the Kira investigation.You always knew there was something about L that seemed so familiar. Later, you found out what it was. This slouching, sleep deprived boy who you were falling in love with was the same boy you were friends with at Wammy’s house!He took you out to a bakery one day. You thought it was best to confront him. “It’s been a while.” You said sipping your tea with way too many sugars in it. “I can’t believe it’s really you, Lawliet.”He recoiled in shock that someone knew his real name, but then his expression turned into a soft smile. “I missed you.” He leaned over the table and kissed you.||So, what happened after?||After L died, you began working with Near. You knew Kira killed L and wanted to bring him to justice. You, Near, Mello, and Matt all became close friends again.The one thing you wanted more than anything, even more than seeing Kira brought to justice, was to have L back.When it was reveal that Light was Kira, it took everything you had not to kill him right then and there. You’d discovered everything about the Death Note before Light even told everyone. Before Light died, you confronted him, close to the spot where he would soon have a heart attack. You asked him if he was really happy. You wound up getting stabbed in the back. As you laid on the floor, gasping for breath, but accepting your bloody end, you looked up at Light. He was staring at something… Then you blacked out.When you woke up, you were being carried out. Whoever was carrying you was giving instructions to take you to the nearest hospital. “N-Near?” You asked, a little woozy. You gave a weak glance to the person holding you. It was L.Once you got out of the hospital, L took you to a bakery. L kept looking over nervously at you while you finished your cake. Your fork hit something metal. You held it up. Covered in cake was an engagement ring. He nervously began “Will you mar-marry-“”YES!” you screamed, jumping up and down. [Have fun at the honeymoon]|||And what do they all think?||L: I couldn’t be happier. Not only did we both make it out alive, but we’re going to start our life together soon! I love her more than anything in the world.Light: DAMN HER! HOW DID SHE FIGURE IT OUT? Well, I suppose L wouldn’t date stupid girls.Misa: Light doesn’t seem to like her very much. I asked if I could kill her, but he said no. He said it was more fun with her around. *grumpy pouty face* Mikami: I TOLD LIGHT HE SHOULD HAVE DELETED HER! [Saku: *backs away from crazy man*]Near: *plays with hair* She’s one of my best friends. She would always play with me when we weren’t working.Mello: She’s fine by me! She bought me chocolate all the time! But she always said I looked like a girl. *sticks out tongue*Matt: Heh. She’s not too great at video games, but at least she’s a good sport.Matsuda: Well, I tried hitting on her one time, but she kicked me in the face. *rubs cheek* O well. She’s still a really great friend.
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