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February 5, 2008

I was extremely bored, and too tired to get any schoolwork done, so I decided to take a few quizzes on Quizilla.(Like I said, I was BORED!!).

  “IMPROVED” VERSION-7 Minutes In Heaven-Death Note (Girls Only-Includes Thoughts of Others)  
L be sexy <33“Mystery.” You looked around as you spoke, trying to figure out who would write such a word. You felt your heart flip as L stood up from his crouch on the couch (lol XD)and shuffle into the closet. You followed him in and heard who you thought to be Mello murmur curses as Misa closed the door. You wheeled around to face L, who was standing against the wall opposite you. You stared at him until he noticed you, when which you flicked your gaze down to your shoes. “Judging by the feeling emnating from you, you’re nervous,” L said, and you felt your cheeks turn red. “Well-” “It’s OK if you are.” You looked up at him, who was now in front of you. You were silent for a moment, not knowing what to say. You felt him come closer to you, and without thinking, you stepped closer to him too. When you looked up, your noses were almost touching. “L…” He looked into your eyes with such passion, you thought you would collapse. “_____-chan…would you…like to work on the Kira case with me?” Your heart dropped and you were about to wrench away from him, but he brought your face back towards him. “Only kidding.” Even in the dim light, you saw him smile and you drew in closer to him until your lips touched. His mouth tasted of cake, and he was gentle. His arms snaked around your shoulders, and you did the same, running a hand through his messy black hair. Your eyes closed and you and L had just begun to deepen the kiss when–“Ryuzaki-kun!” Misa squealed, motioning for the other to come over. The various reactions from the others brought you and L hurtling-and crashing-down from reality. You and L snapped apart, returning to your usual states as you walked out the door. Soon enough, you and L were a pair.~Thoughts~Misa-They are -perfect- for each other!! C:L-I never knew she liked me as much as I liked her.Light-I thought he devoted to finding Kira. :CMello-I deserve her -so- much more than L does D:Take this quiz!



I’m VERY happy with the result 😀

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