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2008: Year Of The Remake

January 5, 2008

There’s going to be a whole lot of remakes this year, it seems. One Missed Call(original: Chakushin Ari) was released a few days ago, and The Eye hits theaters 1. feb, if i remember correctly.

A Tale of Two Sisters is out 18 March in Mexico(april 18th here in norway), and is a remake of the korean Janghwa, Hongryeon from 2003. The trailer isn’t out yet as far as I know. Apparently they’ve changed the plot alot though 😦 On the bright side, Emily Browning( from A Series Of Unfortunate Events) is playing one of the Sisters, and I think she’s an ok actress at least. The original movie is amazing and magical, so I seriously hope they won’t mess up this one.

Last House On The Left is also getting a remake sometime this year. Could be interesting to see if it causes as much contovercy now as it did back then. I doubt it though. We’ve had many movies that are quite alot more voilent since.

Then there’s Prom Night on April 11th. I probably won’t see this one. I thought the original was boring. Anyway..The trailer’s here on Youtube

A Hellraiser remake is also in the works, and is out September 5th.

The Fly‘s also one of the MANY remakes coming out soon. No date yet though, just 2008.

There are alot of other’s too. Check this thread on IMDB

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