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Sushi and school

December 5, 2007

Yesterday, I tried sushi for the first time. Nothing too fancy though, just rice and salmon. I liked it, but it was kind of special-tasting, so it’s definitly not for everyone. My uncle and me went to his ex for dinner(they’re still good friends), and were served sushi and shrimps. It was realy nice, and we talked about school, life and everything that popped into our heads.

Oh, and i’m about halfway through an assigniment for school, finaly!!!!! I had to explain observation in a kindergarden, and discuss why observation of kids interaction with eachoter and other adults is important for the planning in a kindergarden. Easy enough, i guess, but we have to write between 6 and 8 pages. And it’s hard to find relevant material, at least i think so. And I’m not anywhere near the school until tonight, so i don’t have time to check the library there either. I might just go to the studyhall to write tomorrow though. Less distractions there. I’m goint to be soooooo happy when i’m finaly fishinshed writing. I’ll breathe so much easier…atleast,for a day or so, when i have to get started on another assignent 😛 The joy of higher education…hehe

Anyway…That’s all for now.

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