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Nightwish-concert 1. December 2007 in Oslo

December 3, 2007

I was at the Nightwish-concert in Sentrum Scene, Oslo, this saturday, and all I have to say is…wow! I was curious as to how Anette would pull off the old songs, and what she would be like on stage, but she did pretty good, and she had an incrediable stage precence . I must admit i was quite sceptical after seeing a few youtube videos of her singing some of the classics, but she sounds ALOT better in real life. The new material was also amazing live, specialy Bye Bye Beautiful and 7 Days To The Wolves.  So to all of you who won’t give Anette a break or a chance, you don’t know what you’re missing 🙂  She was abselutely the right choice for the new Nigthwish.

Here’s the setlist. I don’t know if the songs are in the right order but….

 1. Bye Bye Beautiful
2. Cadence of Her Last Breath
3. Dark Chest of Wonders
4. Ever Dream
5. Amaranth
6. The Poet and the Pendulum
7. The Islander
8. Sahara
9. Nemo
10. She Is My Sin
11. 7 Days to the Wolves
12. Wishmaster
13. Wish I Had An Angel

Yes, they actualy played The Poet and the Pendulum all they way through, the entire 14-something minutes. It was incrediable!

There were only 2 bad things about the concert :

1: I couldn’t see much, even though I was on the second row, because, lucy me, i had these tall guys in front of me, who wouldn’t switch places. Oh well, at least I had a good view to the keyboard and Tuomas! *drool*

2: After Indica finished their bit, it took quite a long time before Nightwish came on stage

I was also at a signing they had on sunday, and it was amazing. Actualy meeting my musical heroes was well worth all the money I spend on travel and the concert ticket. I got my Amaranth single, DDP-cd and a poster signed by the entire band. They realy seem to genuinly care about their fans. Me and two other people were the first people in line, and we waited for 7 hours before the doors opened for the gig, and they apreciated it so much, that they gave us a drumstick 🙂 I didn’t get one though, but still 🙂 It was nice of them.

I’ll post some pictures later, when I can tranfer the photos from my camera.

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