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The Wheel of Time: R.I.P Robert Jordan

September 26, 2007

I only found out today that one of my favorite authors, Robert Jordan, died 10 days ago, the 16th of September

Robert Jordan, or James Oliver Rigney Jr., was the author of the popular Wheel of Time series, and was working on the last book of the series, A Memory Of Light, when he died.

Jordan suffered from a condition named Cardiac Amyloidosis.

Like I wrote, Jordan was working on the last book in the WoT series. Before his death, he stated that “I’m getting out notes, so if the worst actually happens, someone could finish A Memory of Light and have it end the way I want it to end.”  The decition to publish posthumously has been left to his wife and the president of Tor Books, Tom Doherty.

The Wheel of Time has ment so much to me and alot of people around the world. The story of Rand al’Thor and his friends will always stay in the heart of the fans, and won’t be forgotten for a long time.

My thought and sympathy goes out to the friends and family.

R.I.P Robert Jordan

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