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“Readers, Do you know? Shinigami only eats apples.”

July 14, 2007

I’ve resently started watching the Death Note anime and live action movies, and I abselutely love them! So far I’ve gotten to episode 25 of 36 in the anime. It’s just such a facinating story, and it made me wonder what I would do if I ever came across a Death Note(other than buying a whole bunch of apples, I mean*grins*) I must say, I probably would have either given it up right away, or hid it and only used it in emergencies. I wouldn’t want to have the power to kill just by writing down a name. It would be cool to have a Shinigami for a friend though.

Anyway, my favorite character in the entire series has to be L( Played by Ken’ichi Matsuyama in the live action movies). He’s just awsome, our favorite little sugar-addicted insomniac. And the way he can just jump to the right conclution in seconds is unbelievable! From the second L shows himself to the police(“Hajimemashite, L desu” Nice to meet you. I’m L) to the very end, he’s the personification of cool, with his messed-up hair and quirky habbits.(stirring tea with a lolipop, anyone?) You just have to love this guy.

So…rush to your closes video-rental or store, and get a copy of both Death Note movies(Death Note, and Death Note: the Last Name)

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