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I don’t believe this!!!!!

May 14, 2007

This is just sick!!! This article on is just….unbeliavable! I’ll translate it :

Believes girls can enjoy rape.

Every third young man in Sør-Trønderlag believes the myths to be true.

A survey among 334 students in three high schools in the county shows this.

-Very distubing, says NTNU-resercher Mons Bendixen, who has charted the youths attitude to sexual harrassment to Adresseavisen.

The survey also shows that every fourth boy agrees or greatly agrees that women have a tendecy to exagurate how damaging rape is, and that one out of three thinks it is important to concider the victims past in a rapecase.

Bendixen thinks that the results is an expession of a discriminating attitude.

-When you underestimate a group, it is easier to accept that they are subject to violance and violations.

It’s just makes me so furious!!!!

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